The Early Childhood Education programs are located at Buckley Elementary School, Keeney Elementary School, Manchester High School, and the Manchester Preschool Center. These classes are inclusive and comprised of three to five year-old children with and without special needs. There are eight classes in total and provide young children with half or full day programming. Students are referred to the Early Childhood Education program from a variety of sources: parents, community based preschools, State of Connecticut Birth to Three Program, area preschools, and local pediatricians. The special education teacher is the lead educator in these programs and is supported by a speech and language pathologist, occupational therapist, social worker, physical therapist, behavior analyst, and paraprofessionals. The curriculum is in accordance with the Connecticut Early Learning Standards with the caveat of providing individualized instruction based on student’s unique needs.   Click here for more information and an application for the Peer Model Program.


Elementary School (K-6)

The Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) classrooms located at Waddell Elementary School is designed for children who demonstrate significant disorders that require intensive systematic instruction. ABA instruction is delivered in a high student staff ratio with related services personnel on hand for support as needed.

The Learning Center in all Elementary Schools, offer support both in and out of the general education classroom for children with identified special needs. The core content area curriculum includes, but is not limited to, systematic instruction in reading, writing, and mathematics. Behavior intervention planning and Social Thinking is supported by Learning Center staff.  Related services are offered both in and out of general education classes.

Students with multiple special needs are afforded individualized supports in small learning environments. They receive services from the speech and language pathologist, occupational therapist, and physical therapist, social worker, and teacher of the visually impaired, as specified by their IEPs. Opportunities for maximum participation with non-disabled peers are always on the forefront.

Students with significant emotional and behavioral difficulties are provided with individualized supports in small learning environments.  Behavioral intervention plans and contracts are developed and implemented for each student. The school social worker provides group an individual counseling, as well as family support.  Opportunities for maximum participation with non-disabled peers are always on the forefront.


Middle School (7-8)

With the exception of the ABA program, the opportunities at the Middle School level mirror those of the elementary. The emphasis is to support student’s unique learning needs in general education classes. Co-taught classes for mathematics, science and language arts are offered.  In addition, specialized reading classes for decoding, phonemic awareness, fluency, and comprehension are available.


High School (9-12)

The high school offers the same opportunities as the Middle School with the added bonus of more co-taught classes and transition planning. The Transition Coordinator assists with student’s acquiring independent living skills, opportunities for community participation, and post- secondary planning.

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