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Reading logs are to be filled out nightly. Students should read a minimum of 20 minutes per night. The more they read, the better readers they will become! At the end of each night's reading session, students should record their reading reflections in a few sentences on the back of the reading log.

Math logs should also be completed nightly. Students should practice math fact fluency for a minimum of 5 minutes each night. This can be done in many creative ways. Some ideas include an lesson, second FastTMath lesson at home, other math websites (there are many links listed on the K-8 Student Resource Page), traditional flash cards, racing the timer, beating their time from the previous night, calling out facts while driving, noticing license plate numbers and making math facts out of them, playing card games that practice facts such as Cribbage, etc. There are also some resources posted in the Numeracy folder that would be good for fact fluency practice. In addition to the math fact log, students also have a math journaling question to answer as well as a problem to solve. As expected in class, students should always show their math thinking in numbers, pictures, and words.