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Ms. Sweeney and Mr. Juan came into our classroom for art class last week. Mr. Juan was wearing a mask he created and the students LOVED it, so came the inspiration for art class this week.  Today we baked our banana oat cookies and made two batches for our friends around the school. We agreed that it would be fun to wear our new masks and deliver them! 

 Friends showing off their masks  Friends showing off their masks

Friends showing off their masks  Friends showing off their masks


February 2017 Newsletter




From the Classroom

This past month has been very busy! As a class we decided that we wanted to brainstorm ideas on what we wanted our dramatic play area to be. We decided on on a grocery store. We have researched what kind of things we need in a grocery store and took a virtual tour of one. We made a list of the things we needed and started making them at art. So far we have made money, two cash registers, cut coupons and painted a back of a shelf. We also learned how to make a list of things we may need when we made our smoothies for our cooking experience. Following that we learned about ingredients and how to follow a recipe. Our berry blast smoothies were delicious.

 As a class we have finished up our unit on maps and will start transitioning into animals homes. We will connect how we as people need homes and asked the question, who else needs a home?

  Also, please remember to bring in snowpants and boots when there is snow on the ground. We will go outside on snowy days. As well as boots on rainy/muddy days!

    Please never hesitate to call or email me. The school number is 860-647-3501 and my ext. is 70201. Emailing is also an easy way to reach me quickly. My email is



Remind App      

This year Room 1 will be using an App that can be accessed on your phone, through email or online. I will be communicating, sending updates, sharing pictures through this app. To  join please follow the instructions below:

  • Text Message:  Where you would usually insert the phone number, type this number: 81010.  In the text box, type this: @msdiaku




  • Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss
  • Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss
  • Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss
  • Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss

A Peek Inside Room 1...

Class with berry smoothies


Trying out our berry blast smoothies with Ms. M and we invited Nurse Erin. We sent home the recipe and also posted it on the Remind App!


Room 1 Staff 


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 Try it at Home!


Recipe: Dr. Seuss Hats

As a class we made Dr. Seuss hats for our cooking experience this month.  A lot of our students really liked it and wanted their families to have the recipe! 


Cool Whip

Graham cracker




Directions: 1. Cut up strawberries and bananas into slices.  2. Take a square graham cracker and place it on a plate.  3. Spread a thin layer of cool whip with a spoon on the graham cracker.  4. Place a sliced banana on the graham cracker/cool whip and then another layer of cool whip on the banana.  Add a sliced piece of strawberry and repeat until desired.

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