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Making Reading More Fun

Making Reading More Fun

Looking for ways to make reading with your kids the richest possible learning experience? Get children actively involved. Here's how:

Ask Questions. Images in picture books can help develop a young child's power of observation. For example: If Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water, how high is the hill? As high as the Empire State Building or as low as an anthill? What color is the pail?

2, Let them ham it up. Have children provide sound effects - a howling wind or drops of rain - whenever the story calls for it. If your child tends to get restless, have them act out a scene you've read. They can test chairs like Goldilocks or stick their thumb in a pretend gooey pie like Little Jack Horner.

3. Go off-text. Try reading just a few pages of a familiar story, then have your child make up the rest. You'll be stimulating their imagination as well as helping them enhance their vocabulary and problem-solving skills.